About us

Best Friend Co., Ltd. is a used clothing wholesaler located in Yokohama, Japan. We only sell high-quality second-hand clothing used in Japan.

We would like to export the product. Please contact us if you are interested.

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About the product

80% of the products are women’s clothing used in Japan. And the product may contain the following items, which we sell by the kilogram: a shirt, a T-shirt, a polo shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoody, a sweater, a suit, a jacket, a dress, a coat, a warm-up suit, a skirt, pants / trousers, jeans, shorts, sweatpants, a scarf, a knit scarf, a hat, a cap, sneakers, pumps, loafers, high-heeled shoes, leather shoes, boots, sandals, a bag, a tote, a shoulder bag, a backpack, wallet, purse, other accessories etc.

1.Photos inside the warehouse

2.tops videos

3.pants videos

4.shoes video

※ The video is an example of the products contained in the bag.

There are two types of products.

① Untouched Bale (Not compressed)

1,100 yen per kilogram.

It includes products of a wide range of value, from low-priced products to high-priced products.

② Mixed Bale  (Not compressed)

580 yen per kilogram.

The focus will be on products in a standard price range.